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How Reciprocal Links May Hurt

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There has been a misunderstanding that reciprocal link building are bad for websites. A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two objects, generally between two websites to guarantee mutual traffic. This has some truth to it but not the whole truth. A reciprocal link can be helpful if the website that your linking to is relevant to your website, visitors, and the link texts. You need to keep in mind that the sites need to be of value to everyone.

1) If a link is busted or has nothing relevant to what your website is all about then Google will not take your website very seriously – just another website taking up the online world. Getting search engines to see your website as a specialist in a specific industry is what we all shoot for as web owners as a way to move up in the page rank of all search engines and boost targeted traffic. When your website provides precious information that individuals are looking for then Google will detect this with the increase of traffic your website is getting and the quantity of links pointing to your website.

2) For those who have a lot of these “Bogus” link development in your website, it is going to be considered as a spam website. That means that your page ranking can decline to 0 and the major search engines will have you placed in the bottom of the search engine results.

3) You wouldn’t like a reciprocal link from a “Link Page.” These pages offer no kind of link worth to anyone, especially not to you. Link pages will not provide any substantial link worth since there are thousands of links on most of these pages, besides they don’t even get a lot of traffic. If a website has been blacklisted and you share its a reciprocal link, then you will drive your website on Google’s Blacklist radar.

In summary, it’s the page rank excellence of the links over the number of the links. You will get deals from SEO companies that will give you the moon and the stars however at the conclusion of your day, your website will not profit. You will need a SEO link buidling service company that will deliver results, not promises.

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