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Five Important Marketing Facts

Five Important Marketing Facts

Here is a list of five important marketing facts to have in mind when marketing a product or service:

1 Blogs are more influential than magazines

Blogs can be more influential than magazines in the buyer learning curve for many reasons, on of them is the facts that the potential buyer is already online, research has found that an average of 65% potential buyers are influenced from a blog than a magazine.

2 By blogging over fifteen times a month you will increase the traffic on an average of five times.

Content is one of the most important parts of successful marketing practices, content is what brings traffic from the search engines. it’s important to focus on writing quality content that will drive targeted traffic to your website.

3 The average content for a page that ranks in the top ten is 2,000 words.

The length is also very important as it is what the search engines ultimately are looking at, so by having quality content in the right amounts of it is key to ranking well on the search engines.

4 If a post is greater that 1,500 words it will get over 40% more social shares.

People are likely to share information that is complete and of a certain length because it gives a sense of importance and reliability to the user and that translates into them sharing the content.

5 Videos get over 250% more attention than regular posts.

It’s a well known fact that videos can provide you a hook into the user attention spam, with more attention you have a better chance to educate the user about the product and therefore closing the sale.

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