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Successful Marketing Strategies Using Facebook

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Creating a strong presence on Facebook can take you a long way. This is especially the case for the online marketer who has decided to go after a particular market, needs to advertise more and wants to create a stronger brand. So in order to use Facebook marketing to your advantage the correct way, what should you keep in mind? These are the things to concentrate on.

Bring Traffic to Your Facebook Page via a Newsletter Link: If you have a newsletter that you own, then you probably have a large amount of targeted readers that can receive your interesting info. So, why not take the time to utilize your newsletter to your benefit and link it to your Facebook page? This will allow you to change your current subscribers into fans of your Facebook page. One of the things that you should consider is that Facebook marketing works when you make things simple and non intimidating for your Facebook readers. So, when you add links in your blog newsletter to your Facebook page, you will experience more conversions eventually. This is because people already trust you and like your quality content. This will give you another way to bond with your readers and let them know what is going on. Even if you have a new newsletter, adding a link in it to your Facebook page will pay off in the future.

Have a Facebook Specific Competition: Everyone loves contests. We know that they are successful on Facebook. Because you can use Facebook’s ability to go viral makes it easier to spread the word about your contest. This is particularly helpful when you’re launching a product or a service and you want to get exposure to it. You need to make sure that your contest is designed around your offer and is relevant to the product that you’re launching or plan to launch. In addition, it would be helpful if you had specific website traffic that you could send out notifications when you have a contest. There are millions of methods that you can use to get your targeted market to respond to you. This is not by taking part in the contest, but also by spreading the word about it.

Surveys: Take advantage of a captive audience on Facebook and start asking questions about what they like and dislike. You have the ability to get an instant response to something new you want to try by asking your fans. Pointed questions always get you more of what you want, but so does just asking people a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. Online marketers can get free market research just by asking you to answer a few questions about things you want. You can use Facebook successfully by showcasing your page in the best way for the people you want to attract.

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