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Generating Relevant Traffic from Digg to Your Site or Blog

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Digg has been here for many years, but it still commands a huge audience and number of users. You will need to be careful in your marketing there, but if you are willing to expend the effort it can be rewarding. But after all that, of course some businesses have proven right what we have just told you. Not because it’s difficult or not possible, but because you need to keep a few factors in mind in order to hit the front page. The article below talks about three useful tips that will help you get to Digg’s front page.

You cannot link to any content that is obviously not quality, and Digg does check some things before allowing your submission. So there are lots of things to avoid such as plagiarism and probably PLR is not a good idea. The worst thing you can do is publish or link to content that is very bad and perhaps is not unique. Another way to look at this is you must treat the people at Digg just like you would your site visitors, and that means providing value in every respect. It doesn’t really matter how far you take your quality, and the end result depends on how much effort you put into carving out your content.

Another part about getting results at Digg concerns the headlines you write, and they have an impact. People that frequent Digg use the headline as a yardstick to measure how good the content will be. That is the only way you have any kind of chance at getting Diggs. This is really very simple and upfront, and it just relates to putting the effort in to become successful. This is a copywriting skill at the most basic level, so you have a choice to make with it.

One of the key Digg strategies involves finding friends, and you just have to take the initiative to do that. Mutual gains is the name of this networking game, but that is true for so many things in business. Once you begin to make friends, then your network will begin to expand as all friends get to know each other. If you belong to a marketing forum, then similar dynamics are taking place – it is business networking. Be willing to try out new topics that are timely and of relevance to the world and the community. Digg has its own personality and charm, and you will see that the more active you become. That is all good in the eyes of some, and you can give and take in the sense that traffic is available if you work on it. Take some kind of action every day, and remember you do not have to spend all day there unless you want to.

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